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Residential Solar & Roofing Solutions

By Mark Becker
| March 19, 2014


We wanted to install solar to offset electrical usage as well as thermal solar for pool heat. We did a ton of research and interviewed a number of companies. Once we determined we wanted to purchase the panels rather than lease (to get the federal tax credit) we interviewed 3 companies and selected Go Simple Solar for a number of reasons:
1. Mark and his team were BY FAR the most knowledgeable people we met. They knew the specs on their panels, competitors’ panels, PG&E’s process, city requirements and expected changes, and how to deal with our HOA. Based on his knowledge, he immediately had us questioning information that the other service providers had given us.
2. His team was able to coordinate a partial roof replacement, thermal solar installation and the installation of their panels without needing any assistance from us, smoothly and effectively.

3. They were able to work under a really tight timeframe to coordinate HOA approval, city approval and installation of the entire project with tie-in to PG&E all by the end of the year. The entire process took less than two weeks.

Mark was available day or night, locally or on vacation. He stayed late in his office during our first meeting so that we could discuss our options and make decisions quickly. He walked through all of our questions and all of our follow up questions and coordinated the entire project seamlessly. He and his team were an absolute pleasure to work with.

With our own businesses to run, a toddler to chase around and the holidays I was extremely grateful not to have to worry about anything to do with this project. When we had second thoughts about the style of panels we chose, Mark brought one of each panel style onto our roof so we could see for ourselves the impact of our choices. He made changes to our order immediately without making us feel like a “problem” customer. He genuinely wanted to make sure that we made decisions we were happy with long-term for our family.

Now that our panels are installed, my husband loves to check their online system to monitor the performance of our system. Our system is out-performing what we expected and we are thrilled with the results!

Before you go with any other solar provider, do yourself a favor and interview Go Simple Solar!